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19 August 2016

The LNP Opposition has successfully protected the rights of Queensland farmers while continuing to protect our environment, after Labor’s extreme vegetation management laws, which came at the expense of the State’s agriculture sector, were voted down by Parliament.

Member for Beaudesert Jon Krause said local farmers could now breathe a sigh of relief.

“For months the future of our farming industry has been in limbo as Labor threatened to take away the rights of farmers and to make them criminals on their own land,” Mr Krause said.

“Labor wanted to introduce draconian changes to the existing vegetation management framework including abolishing the ‘mistake of fact’ defence, so if, for example, the government gave a farmer incorrect information about what can and cannot be cleared, it is the farmer who can go to jail.

“The legislation Labor put forward was unfair and unworkable, that’s why I’m thrilled that Parliament made the right decision and voted it down.”

Mr Krause said farmers rely on the land to make a living, so it is in their best interests to look after it.

“Farmers know their land better than anyone and they deserve the right to manage it effectively and responsibly,” Mr Krause said.

“Last year, vegetation management activities occurred on just 0.15 per cent of Queensland’s land surface, proving Labor’s scare campaign on the future of the Great Barrier Reef was unwarranted and misleading.

“Labor’s laws would have removed property rights for our farmers and indigenous groups, reduced productivity of the agriculture sector, threatened jobs in our region and led to skyrocketing land prices, making urban housing more expensive.”

Mr Krause said the result was not just a win for Queensland’s farming community, but also for those looking to buy a home.

“If passed, Labor’s laws would have impacted housing affordability as developers would pass the costs and time delays associated with complying with the new restrictions on to buyers.”

Mr Krause thanked all those who had supported the fight against Labor’s proposed changes.

“I thank all those in the Beaudesert Electorate and right across Queensland who rallied and signed petitions against the proposed changes – your support was pivotal in obtaining this outcome.

“Now after months of uncertainty, our rural families that supply the food and fibre we all need can look towards the future with confidence.”


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